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My Hobby is Classic Cars.

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Mk 2 Triumph Vitesse Convertible

Triumph Vitesse Mk 2
(early model Mk 2 engine - CKD Kit Belgium)
  2000cc ( 1995 cc )       First Registered 10/01/69
  Chassis HC 50380 LCV
  Engine  HC 50805 HE   
 One previous and First Owner was Dr Terence Gardiner

First outing under it's renewed steam.

As the car has stood outside under a tarpaulin in Northern Ireland for some years there is much work to do.The underside is in surprisingly good condition and the outer panels are mainly OK too, just a few rust holes here and there to attend to.It means everything needs a little tweaking to get it functioning again,some things are beyond redemption though, like the fuel diaphram which was unbendable (if there is such a word).It gave me the first clue as to how long the car had stood unused.The engine did run after jerry-rigging a temporary fuel supply , which is something that always gives an old car restorer a good feeling.

Now I just have to get it to the mainland.