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John Jolley

An Englishman in the frozen north.

This is my nineteenth year in Norway,so you could say I like it here-not so keen on the Winters though.
Of course it was Luv that brought me here in the first place,I met a lovely lady in Majorca and fell heavily for her.Some of those holiday romances go on and on! I`m finding it a bit slow going winning her over to Classic Cars but we have our moments.A bit more luxury and less wind buffeting would finally do it - a nice Jaguar maybe ?
So far I have bought over to Norway five Spitfires,two Herald Convertibles,a Porsche 912,two MGB`s and a Triumph Stag.
I am doing my bit to increase the Classic Car population with my "babies".They get used by me for about a year then are found new homes.
Working in the Oil business `offshore` I don`t need a daily driver so am able to make use of any nice days that come along.
The LHD 1969 MGB Roadster was my last big Project(now sold),the BlackTulip 1974 RHD MGBGT is mostly OK,a little of the usual Rust/tin moth problem so it may have to be broken for spares.
The Stag has had some paintwork sorted and is now with his new owner.
My next Projects are a LHD 1969 Triumph TR6 and my latest barn-fresh LHD Triumph Vitesse Mk2 Convertible.
The TR is a solid Californian car with 10 years dust on it still although it is now running at least.
I made a new pal in Karl Frederik Skaggerstad at "Unneberg Bil" here in Tonsberg.A great Old-Timer car enthusiast with friendly advice and help to allcomers in our area.Winter Storage available too.

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